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Be Patient. Noreen will find your perfect home.

Posted on August 20, 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

We had been looking for a home for several weeks and thought we had finally found the perfect home. The house had been on the market for less than 5 hours and Noreen secured us the first showing. Upon seeing the home we instantly fell in love with it and made an offer for asking price. Now came the hard part, waiting for a counter. After waiting for a day, we finally got a response, which was not what we wanted to hear. Someone had come behind us and offered $10,000 above asking and the seller had accepted. We were devastated and got really discouraged. Noreen told us to stay positive and that we would find that perfect home.

After a week or so of looking at more homes, we just couldn’t find anything that compared to the home we had lost out on. One day Noreen happened to be driving in the area where the house we fell in love with was located. She noticed a particular house that had a sign in the yard, but she didn’t recall seeing it on the MLS. Apparently it had  an offer, but the financing had fallen through and it was just about to go back on the market. Noreen began sending us photos and videos of the home and I was immediately excited. I had a feeling this could be the one.

That night after work, my wife and I stopped to look at the house. The 1950’s style home needed a little TLC, but had some charm that you just can’t find in a newer home. The floors were original hardwood and someone had started updating the kitchen and master bedroom and bath.

On the drive home, I talked to Heather about making an offer on the house. She was a little reluctant because it wasn’t exactly move in ready like the home we had found earlier. I on the other hand knew this was the one, but I wanted her to decide for herself. Before we could make it home she told me to call Noreen and make an offer. After a few rounds of negotiations we came to an agreement and the house was ours… but this is where the story gets interesting.

We called Heather’s dad to tell him the news, that we had found and purchased a home! When we told him the address, he couldn’t believe it! He had grown up in that home! The house was Heather’s grandmother’s. Her grandfather had built on the master bedroom, planted the Magnolia tree in the front yard, and Heather’s parents had their first kiss in the rain at that house. Even her sister was born while her parents were still living there.

The emotions were very high that day. From amazement to disbelief, they ran the gambit. So it goes to show that with a little patience, the right home will present itself.

We really appreciated Noreen’s help and recommend that you give her a call. She will be honest with you and tell you her opinion on whether you should purchase a home or not. We actually appreciated that, because she kept us on track and helped us make the right decisions, and ultimately find the home that was meant for us, or maybe in this case, the home found us.

Eddie H.